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The purpose of this page is to discuss the conflict over the land of Gaza.

Gaza News

Facebook Response (10/31/11)

Actually, I have spent some time considering who has been shooting the rockets into Israel. The popular opinion is that it is Hammas but something has been bothering me for a while now. Since they have allegedly been firing rockets from the Gaza strip into densely populated civilian areas, for over ten (10) years now (according to the Israeli government/military), I am at a loss to explain the relative low number of fatalities.

Additionally, if all these other countries are allegedly funding terrorists, and they allegedly all hate Israel then why are the rockets only fired at civilian targets and why are they all fired from Gaza (land that the Israeli government would love to acquire). I mean why not fire a few rockets from some other location at military or industrial sites if you really hate the Israelis.

And don't any of these countries have rockets that you can aim? With the low number of fatalities, it is almost as if they are designed to miss. I mean it's like Hammas is just another arm of the Israeli Mossad. It just seems like over and over again, when it is least advantageous to them and most advantageous to their alleged enemies, Hammas will allegedly pull some bonehead plot that benefits the Israeli government.

As for your statement that the Palestinian people lack nothing, I have found no evidence to support your claim. This is the second such statement you have made without a scintilla of evidence to back it up. The last time I believe you said the Palestinians had built a multi-million dollar shopping mall with aid money from America. (I am still awaiting evidence from you to support that claim.)

This is a good example of why I have been posting these articles. There is so much disinformation being propagated, I want to put out some hard data for people to research and attempt to verify. I'm not asking anyone to believe me. In fact to quote one of my teachers, "Don't believe a word that I say. Verify everything that I say." Unlike the Israeli government/military, I WELCOME scrutiny of my reports. According to Ezekiel 34, YHWH will be against the teachers in the End of Days so I publish this information with fear and trembling and will gladly retract and/or amend any statement I make that is in error.

According to the above posted article by Amnesty International (which you obviously haven't read) or the CIA's web page ( the Palestinians are indeed an impoverished people. With all due respect I am compelled to lend more credence to these sources versus hearsay.

According to this report ( the author claims (3:28 into the program) that in the first month of the conflict, before there was any suicide bombings, before there were any roadside bombings, before there were any rocket attacks and before a single Israeli child had been tragically killed as a result of this conflict, there were over two dozen fatalities to Palestinian children at the hands of the Israelis. According to her report, the number one cause of death among these children was gunfire to the head from an Israeli. This was not reported in a Palestinian propaganda piece but rather in Haaretz, a respected and prestigious Israeli news source.

To use your analogy, what if the Canadians wanted to take over Detroit as part of their territory and shot your child in head, wouldn't this have a horrific impact on you?

Phosphorus Bombing

Israeli Army drop White Phosphorus bombs on Gaza residential areas.

In its early statements the Israeli military repeatedly denied using white phosphorus, saying "We categorically deny the use of white phosphorus", and "The IDF acts only in accordance with what is permitted by international law and does not use white phosphorus."  It eventually admitted its use and stopped using the shells, however, saying that a "media buzz" led to its decision to do so.

Ceasefire Chart

Gaza Rocket Range

Alleged Rocket Ranges

Interesting to note that they have such range coupled with such inability to aim.

The 'alleged' attacks seldom do much damage nor cause loss of life.

It is almost as if the Zionist Israeli government is behind the attacks.  hmmm...



"As we have just painfully witnessed, the residents of southern Israel live under constant threat of attack. In the past 12 years, over 14,000 rockets have been fired into Israeli communities, deliberately targeting innocent civilians. An entire generation of children has been traumatized by the terror of ongoing rocket attacks.

As does any nation, the Jewish People have the right to live in peace and security in their land. We hope and pray that Israeli citizens will soon find the lasting peace that they so rightfully deserve.

At this time we ask you to express unity and support for Israelis who are living under fire. Show them that you are concerned for their safety and well being. By signing the Unity Pledge you are showing them that you care.


Our goal is to gather ONE MILLION signatures from supporters all over the world. With your help, one million signatures will be presented to community leaders of southern Israeli towns who have been living under fire.

When you sign, we encourage you to fill in the box to write a personal note of support to the citizens of the south. They will be distributed to community leaders who will deliver them to the residents of their respective towns.


The People of Israel greatly appreciate your support and encouragement.

With Blessings of Peace,

The and United with Israel Families

PS- We ask you to forward this email to your family and friends. They too deserve the opportunity to show support for Israelis who are living under fire.


According to this article, the Palestians have been firing over a thousand rockets year!  Seems that they could get weapons that do more tactical damage.  Doesn't seem logical that this is a factual statement.

Do the Palestinians also have the right to live in peace and security in their land?

Why do the Jewish people feel they so rightfully deserve peace?  What exactly have they done to so rightfully deserve anything?  Do the Palestinians also so rightfully deserve peace?

Where is the support for the Palestinians living under Israeli fire?

Gaza Stats


"As the occupying power of the Gaza Strip, and the Palestinian Territories more broadly, Israel has an obligation and a duty to protect the civilians under its occupation. It governs by military and law enforcement authority to maintain order, protect itself and protect the civilian population under its occupation. It cannot simultaneously occupy the territory, thus usurping the self-governing powers that would otherwise belong to Palestinians, and declare war upon them. These contradictory policies (occupying a land and then declaring war on it) make the Palestinian population doubly vulnerable.

The precarious and unstable conditions in the Gaza Strip from which Palestinians suffer are Israel’s responsibility. Israel argues that it can invoke the right to self-defense under international law as defined in Article 51 of the UN Charter. The International Court of Justice, however, rejected this faulty legal interpretation in its 2004 Advisory Opinion. The ICJ explained that an armed attack that would trigger Article 51 must be attributable to a sovereign state, but the armed attacks by Palestinians emerge from within Israel’s jurisdictional control. Israel does have the right to defend itself against rocket attacks, but it must do so in accordance with occupation law and not other laws of war. Occupation law ensures greater protection for the civilian population. The other laws of war balance military advantage and civilian suffering. The statement that “no country would tolerate rocket fire from a neighboring country” is therefore both a diversion and baseless.

Israel denies Palestinians the right to govern and protect themselves, while simultaneously invoking the right to self-defense. This is a conundrum and a violation of international law, one that Israel deliberately created to evade accountability."

- Unknown Author

Israeli Strike on Gaza 2012/1118

Gaza War #4

Palestinians hurry away from a damaged building after an Israeli air strike in Gaza City, Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012. Israel widened the range of targets in its Gaza offensive Sunday, striking more than a dozen homes of suspected Hamas militants and two media offices, according to security officials and witnesses. The attacks also damaged adjacent houses, killing seven civilians, including five children, health officials said. (AP Photo/Adel Hana)

Gaza War #5

An Israeli soldier prays next to a tank along the Israel Gaza border in southern Israel, Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012. Israeli strikes hit two media centers in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, as Israel warned it was widening its range of targets to go after military commanders of the territory’s Hamas rulers. (AP Photo/Tsafrir Abayov)

Gaza War #5

Smoke rises after an Israeli forces strike in Gaza City, Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012. The Israeli military widened its range of targets in the Gaza Strip on Sunday to include the media operations of the Palestinian territory's Hamas rulers, sending its aircraft to attack two buildings used by both Hamas and foreign media outlets. (AP Photo/Bernat Armangue)

Gaza War #5

Palestinian firefighters try to extinguish a fire after an Israeli air strike on the building of Hamas' Ministry of Interior in Gaza City November 16, 2012. Egypt opened a tiny window to emergency peace diplomacy in Gaza on Friday, but hopes for even a brief ceasefire while its prime minister was inside the bombarded enclave to talk to leaders of the Islamist Hamas movement were immediately dashed. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

Gaza War #5

A Palestinian Hamas officer secures the area after an early morning Israeli airstrike on a building that served as a branch of the Interior Ministry in Gaza City, Friday, Nov. 16, 2012. Israel offered to suspend its offensive in the Gaza Strip on Friday during a brief visit by Egypt's premier there if militants refrain from firing rockets at Israel, an official said, but the Palestinians unleashed a fresh salvo. (AP Photo/Bernat Armangue)

Gaza War #5

Smoke is seen after an Israeli strike in the northern Gaza Strip, Friday, Nov. 16, 2012. Early Friday, 85 missiles exploded within 45 minutes in Gaza City, sending black pillars of smoke towering above the coastal strip's largest city. The military said it was targeting underground rocket-launching sites. The Israeli offensive has not deterred the militants from firing more than 400 rockets aimed at southern Israel since Wednesday, the military said.(AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner)

It is interesting to note how little damage was done in Israel after 'more than 400 rockets' were allegedly fired as compared to the carnage caused in Gaza by only 85 missiles. Hmmm... makes one think.

Gaza War #5

A rocket is seen after its launch from the northern Gaza Strip towards Israel November 15, 2012. Hamas fired dozens of rockets into southern Israel on Thursday, killing three people, and Israel launched numerous air strikes across the Gaza Strip, threatening a wider offensive to halt repeated Palestinian salvoes. REUTERS/Amir Cohen (GAZA - Tags: CIVIL UNREST TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY POLITICS)

It is interesting to note the smoke trail of a rocket that has been fired previously. I wonder why the Israeli's who live within sight of these alledged launches, who with all their sophistacated weaponry, including GPS and satellite tracking aren't able to determine where these are coming from. Hmmm... makes one think.

Rising from the rubble


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