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The purpose of this page is to collect information about the British Peel Commission Report on Palestine.  It is interesting to note that the original name for group was the Palestine Royal Commission.  This seems to be negate the assumption that the Holy Land was never called Palestine.


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"The commission's report, published in July 1937, found that the underlying causes of the disturbances were the Palestinians' desire for national independence and their fear of the establishment of a Jewish national home. It nevertheless recommended the partition of Palestine into a Jewish state, a Palestinian state to be merged with Transjordan, and British Mandatory enclaves. The Jews, who at the time owned only 5.6 percent of Palestine, were to be given 33 percent of the country, from which Peel suggested that the Palestinian inhabitants could be expelled. Palestinians received the report with shock, dismay, and frenzied resistance."

Peel Commission Report (1937)  (WWW.ANSWERS.COM)

"The Jewish Agency accepted the principle of partition but criticized the proposed boundaries and insisted that all Palestinians be deported from the Jewish state at British expense - at that time, 300,000 Palestinians, a number equal to the Jewish residents in the area. The Palestinians' Arab Higher Committee denounced the plan and insisted that Palestine remain a unitary state because 70 percent of the population was Palestinian and 90 percent of the land was under Palestinian control. Palestinians in Galilee, whom the Jewish Agency wanted expelled, then played leading roles in the rebellion that erupted again in October 1937."

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