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The purpose of this page is to document information relative to the story of a Jewish Holocaust.  I first became suspicious of the authenticity of the official holocaust story when I considered the official figure of 6 million Jews killed.  My question was, "Who did the counting?"  Six million is a large number and I was curious with regards to how this accuracy was achieved immediately following a World War.  I was compelled to look further when laws were passed that made it illegal to even question the holocaust story.  I know there is only one logical reason to keep people from questioning history and that is when the history is fake.



"Where do we find that any inquiry into any other reported genocide is prohibited by law? If you wanted you could get up on a soapbox and loudly deny that black slavery took place, or that the Red Indian was genocided by the early Americans. You are even free to deny the Inquisition. Say that Pol Pot didn't kill millions of his own countrymen and few will bat an eyelid. Deny that Stalin killed over 50 million Christian Russians and you might even get some newly minted "free speech" award from Hustler or Playboy, or from the ADL, or ACLU. Please tell me why there must be legislation to prevent any discussion of the facts of what happened to Jews under Hitler in such countries as Canada, Austria and Germany? And while you're at it, can you explain why it is that we have nearly a dozen Jewish Holocaust museums here in the US, when the holocaust of Jews occurred thousands of miles away, but not one serious museum devoted to the plight of either the Red Indian or the Black Man? Doesn't that bother you?"

Comment From Hugh Joseph


Where it is illegal



"I’ve checked out the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War – not a single mention of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war."

"Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; Churchill’s Second World War totals 4,448 pages; and De Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages."

"In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war."




"And take a look at the article from The American Hebrew, October 31 1919 prophesying a ‘holocaust’ of ‘six million’ (

The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop!

by Martin H. Glynn (former Governor of the State of N.Y.)


“From across the sea six million men and women call to us for help, and eight hundred thousand little children cry for bread.

“These children, these men and women are our fellow-members of the human family, with the same claim on life as we, the same susceptibility to the winter’s cold, the same propensity to death before the fangs of hunger. Within them reside the illimitable possibilities for the advancement of the human race as naturally would reside in six million human beings. We may not be their keepers but we ought to be their helpers.

“In the face of death, in the throes of starvation, there is no place for mental distinctions of creed, no place for physical differentiations of race. In this catastrophe, when six million human beings are being whirled toward the grave by a cruel and relentless fate, only the most idealistic promptings of human nature should sway the heart and move the hand.

“Six million men and women are dying from lack of the necessaries of life; eight hundred thousand children cry for bread. And this fate is upon them through no fault of their own, through no transgression of the laws of God or man; but through the awful tyranny of war and a bigoted lust for Jewish blood.

“In this threatened holocaust of human life..” etc etc

- end of quotes.

- Remember, this was in 1919.



By W. A. Carto


The question is often asked of Holocaust revisionists by the naive, "Why are you bothered by 'The Holocaust,' which is ancient history ? You must be a little crazy to doubt it; do you also believe the Earth is flat ? Are you a violent antiSemite to doubt all the eyewitnesses ? Everybody in their right mind accepts it. Let people like Mel Mermelstein have their holocaust if they want it. What's the difference ?"

The common perception of "The Holocaust" is what is important, not the definition of it (as found in Chapter Three) because perception, not reality is the stock in trade of all salesmen, advertisers, public relations professionals, political campaign managers, "Holocaust" promoters and other merchandisers. People in the mass are moved by their perception of the truth, by deep and profound psychological motives and by authority, not by the truth itself, which is normally unknown to them.

Exploiting the moral sensibility and the feeling of guilt which is always close to the surface in Christians, Americans are constantly reminded that Israel rose "from the ashes of 'The Holocaust' " (etc.) and that it is their moral responsibility to continue to ensure "Israel's survival." Israel, we are assured, is "America's closest ally," and "the only democracy in the Middle East." The result is that American taxpayers continue to shell out billions each year as if buying modern-day indulgences.

Quite literally, and without exaggeration, "The Holocaust" is a religion. The faithful vigorously reject any and all facts perceived as contrary to their faith and their ugly dogma has the internal consistency only of a revelation taken on faith, not a logical story based on commonly accepted facts, not what history is supposed to be. The alleged facts of "The Holocaust" are contradictory; its high priests cannot agree on the details even among themselves, which is why they frantically discourage debate and know nothing else other than to try to ignore or smear those wanting to confront them.

"The Holocaust" is a trigger concept that produces a Pavlovian response. By calling up an image implanted in the minds of the targeted subjects it induces a pliable attitude enabling the professionals who have implanted the image to manipulate the subjects. That the term has in reality little meaning which corresponds to the facts is immaterial; it is the religious attitude of guilt, worshipful horror and fear that counts. This syndrome, which precisely fits Hitler's famous definition of the "Big Lie" in his Mein Kampf, has cost Americans far more than mere money and the cost increases daily.

"The Holocaust" is alive and growing, not dead and fading. It affects every American every hour of the day and more so today than yesterday. It impacts on every financial decision made by the government and on most decisions made by private parties. Like it or not, "The

PG 139

Holocaust" must be faced and questions must be asked. Continued acceptance of the image by the unthinking, or manipulation by the corrupt and/or cowardly, is no longer acceptable by conscientious and decent Americans, including Jews.


Former Undersecretary of State George Ball has calculated both the direct and indirect costs of the so-called "special relationship" between the United States and Israel during the period 1948, when Israel was established as a state, through 1991. Direct costs, including standard grants, loans, refinancing of Israeli debts to the U.S., free use of U.S. arms patents, concessionary tariff arrangements, etc., were an astounding $61,822,000,000.00. Indirect costs of the U.S.-Israeli relationship including aid to Egypt (to buy Egypt's friendship with Israel); loss to the U.S. economy because of Arab oil boycotts and loss to the U.S. economy because of Israeli interference in U.S.-Arab commerce, etc. is an even larger $107,356,000,000.00, a total of almost $170 billion. Extrapolating this through 1993 and including the recent $10 billion loan guarantee passed by a compliant Congress during the waning days of the Bush administration, the figure hovers around $200 billion, with literally no end in sight. This tidy sum figures to almost one thousand dollars for every man, woman and child in the United States.

But wait, there's more. The sum so far does not include tax revenue lost on private taxdeductible gifts (largely from American Jews) which benefit Israel and which have been estimated at $20 billion. Nor does it include the cost of deployment of U.S. forces in the Middle East for the protection of Israel – including the so-called Desert Storm operation – a cost of some $340 billion. (1) So the total cost of Israel to the taxpayers of America is over $500 billion.

The above does not include at least $135 billion in reparations paid by German taxpayers to Israel and to individual Jewish "Holocaust" survivors since the end of World War II.

Nahum Goldmann, former president of the World Jewish Congress and chairman of the claims conference which was convened following the war to work out the reparations agreement described the results of German reparations to Israel, wrote:

"Without the German reparations, the state of Israel would not have half of its present infrastructure; every train in Israel is German, the ships are German, as well as the electricity, a large part of the industry ... without mentioning the individual pensions paid to the survivors ... in certain years the amount of money received by Israel from Germany exceeds the total amount of money collected from international Jewry – two or three times as much. (2)

All of these costs to the American and German taxpayer for the maintenance of Israel, as if flowing from an infinite cornucopia, have brought mountains of corruption to every person and institution involved, illustrating the ironclad historical law that corruption inevitably follows money, and the more money, the more corruption. In this case, the corruption is tacitly endorsed by the likes of Billy Graham, Pat Robertson and a virtual army of "Christian" Israelites.

And in spite of, or perhaps because of the avalanche of money, Israel itself is in the throes of traumatic moral and economic decline. Israeli journalist, Barry Chamish, writing in The Fall of Israel, is one of many journalists and writers who have documented massive corruption and mismanagement that runs rampant, from top to bottom of Israel's government, business and society – a state of affairs leaving the ruling elite to a life of Croesus while the large majority of the Israeli people lives in a perpetual state of financial despair and instability. (3)

1 / George Ball and Douglas Ball, The Passionate Attachment. (New York: W.W. Norton Co., 1992). pp. 281-282.

2 / Quoted in The Journal of Historical Review, Summer, 1988.

3 / Barry Chamish, The Fall of Israel. (Edinburgh, Scotland: Canongate Publishers). 1992.

PG 140


As part of the multi-media campaign to promote the desired "Holocaust" image, virtual theme parks, Disneyland style, are now the rage. There have to be dozens of "Holocaust" museums and memorials in the U.S., and one is scheduled for Berlin. Even our own Mel Mermelstein has his "Holocaust" museum, the "expenses" of which are of course tax deductible, including trips to Israel and elsewhere for the distinguished curator.

The American taxpayer-subsidized Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. – literally a stone's throw from the grounds of the Washington Monument and conveniently located next door to the nation's currency factory, the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing (has anyone checked for a tunnel ?) – is the primary example.

Much to the dismay of the museum's dedicators, including President Bill Clinton, who departed from his prepared remarks to assail Liberty Lobby (which had organized the demonstration) as "depraved and insensate," several hundred angry American taxpayers gathered outside the building on April 22, 1993, when the museum opened, waving signs and protesting this waste of their tax dollars, pointing out that the museum had no place on American soil in any case.

Among those leading the protest was New York-based revisionist activist Jack Wyckoff who produced highly effective signs that attracted media attention. "Move it to Israel !" read one.

Other protestors included American Blacks who compared the dubious six million to the alleged genocide of millions of African slaves. Finding a precedent for Black reparations in the billions sent by American taxpayers to Israel, they argue that sauce for the Zionist goose is sauce for the Black gander. And the next in line for some sauce, we predict, will be American Indians.

The Holocaust Museum has to be the most grotesque and macabre exhibit, outside of carnival side shows, ever presented to an audience. Graphic sculptures show pathetic Jews being led to gas chambers. Stacks of used shoes, presumably from "Holocaust' victims" (although they could just as well be from Goodwill Industries) and other personal belongings replay the horrors of daily life in the concentration camps. Visitors, including children, are urged to adopt the identity of an internee and follow the victim's path to the "gas ovens." One notable feature of this house of horrors is a documentary film titled Anti-Semitism which at least one Christian minister, Rev. Dale Crowley, Jr., says is anti-Christian, at best, and violates the very spirit of tolerance which the museum purports to exemplify. The film puts the blame for "The Holocaust" on Christianity itself.

The idea that Christianity itself was responsible for the alleged "Holocaust" is a frequent topic for media treatment. Even many Christian religious leaders have been convinced or coerced into their mea culpa for existing. Christianity, historically the religion of love and forgiveness, has become the cause of violence and suffering. Christians are evil so they must pay. And pay and pay.

American-born Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, who lives on Israel's West Bank from which Palestinians who have lived there for a thousand years have been deported, said in an inspirational sermon: "The world is divided into two parts: those who actively participated with the Nazis and those who collaborated with them. It was Christianity, especially Catholic Christianity, that fostered 'The Holocaust.' The Church is still dripping with blood because it still has not recognized Israel." (1)

Massive private contributions from a wide variety of associations, unions, service organizations and other entities have been made to the Holocaust Museum, and not necessarily with the assent of their members.

As of April 22, 1993, such contributions included from these unions, are for example: The AFL-CIO; American Federation of Teachers; Communications Workers of America; Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union; International Association of Bridge, Structural and Ornamental Workers Union; American Postal Workers Union; International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

In Los Angeles, the Simon Wiesenthal Center has a "Museum of Tolerance" which is perhaps even more intolerant than the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Wiesenthal collects an annual fee of $75,000 for the use of his name but the profits do not end there. Wiesenthal's "Museum of Tolerance" is the ultimate in Hollywood high-tech and plays daily to eager

1 / Chicago Tribune, May 9,1993.

PG 141

customers. Says Judith Miller: "You are led by computer-synchronized light, color and sound through a succession of tableaus that take you back in time. You are in Europe before and during the Holocaust. You hear the actual words of the victims, the victimizers, the heroes and the apathetic bystanders ... As a searchlight comes on you are at a replica of the gates of Auschwitz ... and you hear echoes of the victims-those who survived and those who did not." (1)

However, museums such as described are only a small part of what some have scoffingly called, "Shoah Business." (The term "Shoah" is the Hebrew word for "catastrophe.") Television, motion pictures, books and almost daily "news" stories in the press help promote "The Holocaust." It has become a major and profitable industry.


The dollars-and-cents price of "The Holocaust" to American taxpayers and citizens by itself is too expensive to bear but mere money is not the most intolerable cost. Imagine the likely shape of our world today without this curse and you will be startled by its contrast with reality. It is evident that the image of "The Holocaust" has radically distorted America in every significant way.

Without "The Holocaust" image there would be no state of Israel nor its burden on American taxpayers who would be some half a trillion dollars richer.

Even more importantly, the United States would not be inextricably involved in affairs of the Mideast which do not concern us, nor would Moslems from Casablanca to Zamboanga hate us.

Without the alien and malicious influence of Israel exercised upon Congress and the White House and every one of the 535 sitting members of Congress, domestic affairs could be conducted toward the interests of America, not toward an alien nation. American newspapers and the cognoscenti would concern themselves with soluble American problems, not insoluble foreign ones.

Our contrived obsession with "The Holocaust" as the pivotal and defining historical moment of all time has permeated, inhibited and polluted all academic and religious discourse, twisting its focus from our own needs and objective truth to the real or imagined needs of others. This suicidal bias has infected academic subjects from anthropology to sociology, biology and genetics, not only history.

"The Holocaust" is said to be the ultimate in human degradation but it is the ultimate in Hollywood imagery. It serves elitism by teaching that every nation may become as evil as the Germans if they try to live true to themselves (the definition of nationalism) and oppose the international plutocratic elite. This is why the image of "The Holocaust" serves the major political movement of our day – the move away from The Constitution, national sovereignty and a structured and free society to the formlessness, chaos and tyranny of the new world order – the Global Plantation.

"The Holocaust" tends to atomize individuals by breaking up traditional loyalties, thus ripening the public to accept revolutionary changes they have not chosen nor do they understand. It cuts the age-old tethers of Americans and all peoples to their own traditions and history, their pride, their instinctive love for kind and country. Indeed, such love – hitherto normal and the essential foundation keystone of political stability – is increasingly viewed with suspicion and hostility by the doyens of political correctness.

Finally, "The Holocaust" has perverted public philosophy and infected public morality by injecting a false standard. The reverse logic of "The Holocaust" is, "If a people as historically cultured and civilized as the Germans – the most advanced and creative people on Earth – can engage in mass murder when they are left on their own and not directed by those moral paragons who direct us, then anyone can." The stigma of real genocide is removed. Thus, the world tolerates Israel's savage treatment of Palestinians and other enemies. Israel, in fact, is the only country in the world that legally countenances torture of political prisoners. And why not ? Weren't "they" (the Jews) treated even worse by the Germans ? But there is more. Such atrocities as "The Holocaust" may be expected from savage

1 / Washington Post BookWorld.

PG 142

third worlders – even excused – but from highly cultured European Whites ? The very people who have literally created the modern world ? If so, then Western culture and the White race should be destroyed. Thus we hear the politically correct chant, "Hey, hey, ho, ho, Western culture has got to go" on American campuses.

The evil lie of the dimensions of "The Holocaust" is not a take-it-or-leave-it subject for others. It encompasses the most important issues facing Americans and it cannot be separated from them.

Unless public perception of "The Holocaust" can be changed from the artificial and false to the truth, there is no stopping our decline.

We are facing literally an issue of survival.

This is why All Americans should be concerned with "The Holocaust."

Whether they like it or not.

The Mel Mermelstein Affair and the Triumph of Historical Revisionism
By Michael Collins Piper pg 139-143


6 Mill in the Papers

"Holocaust" and "6 million Jews" stories brought to you ever since 1869 by Jew-owned "Newspaper of Record"
 (HTTP://BALDER.ORG)  (2015/0204)

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Jewish Population of Europe in 1933: Population Data by Country  (WWW.USHMM.ORG)  (2015/0128)

According to this source, "In 1933, approximately 9.5 million Jews lived in Europe, comprising 1.7% of the total European population. This number represented more than 60 percent of the world's Jewish population at that time, estimated at 15.3 million. "

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Zyclon B:

Zyclon B is a cyanide based insecticide.  One of the signs of cyanide poisoning is the reddening of victim's skin.  I am currently unaware of a single documented case of this condition from any of the Holocaust reports.


"Barring the telltale, but not universal, signs of the smell of almonds and reddened skin, would a doctor likely order a cyanide test on a struggling patient?"

Pathology experts weigh in on cyanide poisoning finding  (WWW.POST-GAZETTE.COM)  (2014/1225)

"The colour of the post-mortem staining is bright red."

Forensic Pathology - Poisons  (WWW.FORENSICPATHOLOGYONLINE.COM)  (2014/1225)

"Dr. Farkas told investigators later that when he saw Dr. Klein she was gray and ashen, which is counter to symptoms described by Mr. Difenderfer in openings that a person poisoned with cyanide often has a rosy appearance."

The Ferrante trial: A look inside the cyanide poisoning case  (WWW.POST-GAZETTE.COM)  (2014/1225)

"There were signs that this was possibly a cyanide poisoning. There's this weird reddening of the skin because of the way it chemically interacts with the blood stream."

Deborah Blum, Author The Poisoner's Handbook:  (WWW.PBS.ORG)  (2014/1225)

“It could be proven that torture was used to extract confessions, and witnesses have lied”

“No poison gas was ever used – Witnesses have lied”  (2014/1225)

Carbon Monoxide:


Homicical Gassing References:

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AUSCHWITZ - (Oswiecim, Poland):

auschwitz plaque


New Auschwitz Plaque


A view of the changed plaque commemorating the actions that took place in Auschwitz during World War II.  The obvious question is; "If an error of this magnitude in reporting was made, how many other errors of similar magnitude were made in reporting the actions that took place during World War II?

When I began my quest into the validity of what was claimed as the Holocaust, one of my initial questions was, "How did they know that 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis, who did the counting?

The most common response I have received to date is, "The Germans kept detailed or meticulous records."

This change of plaques begs the question, "If the Germans kept such detailed or meticulous records, how was a mistake of this magnitude possible?



Rudolf Hoss  (HTTPS://EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG)  (2014/1208)

Rudolf Hoss  (WWW.JEWISHVIRTUALLIBRARY)  (2014/1208)

There are 'holes' in this 'official narrative' big enough to drive a truck through.

Rudolf Hoss - Commandant of Auschwitz  (WWW.BBC.CO.UK)  (2014/1208)


Official German Record of Prisoners in Auschwitz Concentration Camp May 1940 through December 1944  (2015/0923)  


BUCHENWALD - (Ettersberg (Etter Mountain) near Weimar, Germany):






GROSS-ROSEN - (Poland)


MAUTHAUSEN - (Austria):






Gas chambers discovered at Nazi death camp Sobibor  (WWW.TELEGRAPH.CO.UK)  (2014/1122)

Interesting to note while the headlines and sublines both state that this place has been found, the contents of the article state that researces believe they might have found the remains. Also the lead picture shows a clapboard building with a Sobibor sign out front but the article claims that researchers "unearthed the remains of a brick building".  Of course, an article like this gives the powers that be the opportunity to reiterate the official narrative which has yet to be verified.


Office of Special Investigations — Artifact  (HTTP://WWW.USHMM.ORG)

Interesting, a map that was allegedly drawn in 1946 (after World War II) was donated in 1990 and at the request of the Office of Special Investigations sent to Chicago to be used as evidence at the trial of one Bronislaw Hajda.


List of Nazi concentration camps  (HTTPS://EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG)  (2014/1122)

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Robert H. Jackson  (HTTP://EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG)  (2013/0331)


Testimony of Rudolf Hoess, Commandant of Auschwitz  (HTTP://LAW2.UMKC.EDU)  (2014/1208)

DR. KAUTFFMANN: Is it true that you, yourself, have made no exact notes regarding the figures of the number of those victims because you were forbidden to make them?

HOESS: Yes, that is correct.

Rudolf Hoess made no exact notes.

DR. KAUFFMANN: Is it furthermore correct that exclusively one man by the name of Eichmann had notes about this, the man who had the task of organizing and assembling these people?


Eichmann was the only man with notes on the number of alleged victims.
This seems to contradict the official narrative of the Germans keeping "detailed files" and "meticulous notes" regarding the alleged holocaust.

DR. KAUFFMANN: Will you briefly tell whether it is correct that the camp of Auschwitz was completely isolated, describing the measures taken to insure as far as possible the secrecy of carrying out of the task given to you.

HOESS: The Auschwitz camp as such was about 3 kilometers away from the town. About 20,000 acres of the surrounding country had been cleared of all former inhabitants, and the entire area could be entered only by SS men or civilian employees who had special passes. The actual compound called "Birkenau," where later on the extermination camp was constructed, was situated 2 kilometers from the Auschwitz camp. The camp installations themselves, that is to say, the provisional installations used at first were deep in the woods and could from nowhere be detected by the eye. In addition to that, this area had been declared a prohibited area and even members of the SS who did not have a special pass could not enter it. Thus, as far as one could judge, it was impossible for anyone except authorized persons to enter that area.

I need to research this from a historical perspective.  I do not think the camp was this isolated but I need to verify this.

DR. KAUFFMANN: Did you learn that towards the end of the war concentration camps were evacuated? And, if so, who gave the orders?

HOESS: Let me explain. Originally there was an order from the Reichsfáhrer, according to which camps, in the event of the approach of the enemy or in case of air attacks, were to be surrendered to the enemy. Later on, due to the case of Buchenwald, which had been reported to the Fáhrer, there was--no, at the beginning of 1945, when various camps came within the operational sphere of the enemy, this order was withdrawn. The Reichsfáhrer ordered the Higher SS and Police Leaders, who in an emergency case were responsible for the security and safety of the camps, to decide themselves whether an evacuation or a surrender was appropriate. Auschwitz and Gross-Rosen were evacuated. Buchenwald was also to be evacuated, but then the order from the Reichsfáhrer came through to the effect that on principle no more camps were to be evacuated. Only prominent inmates and inmates who were not to fall into Allied hands under any circumstances were to be taken away to other camps. This also happened in the case of Buchenwald. After Buchenwald had been occupied, it was reported to the Fáhrer that internees had armed themselves and were carrying out plunderings in the town of Weimar. This caused the Fáhrer to give the strictest order to Himmler to the effect that in the future no more camps were to fall into the hands of the enemy, and that no internees capable of marching would be left behind in any camp. This was shortly before the end of the war, and shortly before northern and southern Germany were cut. I shall speak about the Sachsenhausen camp. The Gestapo chief, Gruppenfáhrer Máller, called me in the evening and told me that the Reichsfáhrer had ordered that the camp at Sachsenhausen was to be evacuated at once. I pointed out to Gruppenfáhrer Máller what that would mean. Sachsenhausen could no longer fall back on any other camp except perhaps on a few labor camps attached to the armament works that were almost filled up anyway. Most of the internees would have to be sheltered in the woods somewhere. This would mean countless thousands of deaths and, above all it would be impossible to feed these masses of people. He promised me that he would again discuss these measures with the Reichsfáhrer He called me back and told me that the Reichsfáhrer had refused and was demanding that the commanders carry out his orders immediately. At the same time Ravensbráck was also to be evacuated in the same manner but it could no longer be done. I do not know to what extent camps in southern Germany were cleared, since we, the Inspectorate, no longer had any connections with southern Germany.

Why was Hoess allegedly worried about the welfare of internees he was trying to exterminate?


NOTE: While this article claims indisputable proof, the fact is that much of the alleged evidence presented has been proven to be false.

Torture and Testicle Crushing at Nuremberg  (2015/1028)


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Office of Special Investigations (United States Department of Justice)  (HTTP://EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG)

Office of Special Investigations  (WWW.JUSTICE.GOV)

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Rudolf Hoss  (HTTPS://EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG)  (2014/1207)

Rudolf Hoss  (WWW.JEWISHVIRTUALLIBRARY)  (2014/1207)

There are 'holes' in this 'official narrative' big enough to drive a truck through.

Testimony of Rudolf Hoess, Commandant of Auschwitz  (HTTP://LAW2.UMKC.EDU)  (2014/1208)



An excellent source of information and links on the subject.

The Revisionist. Journal for Critical Historical Inquiry

Volume 1 2003  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (02/02/12)

Volume 2 Number 1 February 2004  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (02/02/12)

Volume 2 Number 2 May 2004  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (02/02/12)

Volume 2 Number 3 August 2004  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (02/02/12)

Volume 2 Number 4 December 2004  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (02/02/12)

Book Catalogue Castle Hill Publishers  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (02/02/12)

Since we have two shipping centers with different programs, we also have two different book catalogues, one for our USA store, the other for our UK store. The US catalogue contains the full range of English language books, the UK catalogue contains only a reduced English language program & German books.

Free Downloads from CHP at  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (02/02/12)

THE HOLOCAUST CONTROVERSY -- A Case For Open Debate  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (02/02/12)

R.H. Countess, Ch. Lindtner, G. Rudolf (eds.), Exactitude. Festschrift for Robert Faurisson to his 75th Birthday  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (02/02/12)

This Festschrift is dedicated to Prof. Dr. Faurisson to honor his achievements. It contains a collection of articles by several authors addressing various issues of scientific revisionism in general, Holocaust revisionism in particular, and biographic sketches of Robert Faurisson's scholarship over the decades. Happy Birthday, Robert! (This is a special print of contributions published also in The Revisionist no. 1/2004)

Info Brochure "the holocaust never happened"  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (02/02/12)

This brochure is a more thorough introduction into revisionism. It answers questions like: What is historical revisionism and why is it important? What is meant by "The Holocaust" or "Shoah?" What does Holocaust revisionism claim? What about those pictures of mountains of dead bodies in the concentration camps? Does it really matter whether prisoners died from disease or poison gas? Does it matter how many Jews were killed during the Third Reich since even one thousand would have been too many?

Germar Rudolf, Lectures on the Holocaust. Controversial Issues Cross Examined  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (01/02/12)

Since 1991, German scholar Germar Rudolf does researching, publishing, and lecturing on the Holocaust. This book offers the main arguments for being skeptic about the Holocaust in a very sensitive way. All arguments and counter-arguments are discussed in a virtual exchange with the reader. The best introduction to revisionism one can find.

Fred A. Leuchter, Robert Faurisson, Germar Rudolf, The Leuchter Reports. Critical Edition"  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (01/02/12)

Between 1988 and 1991, American expert on execution technologies Fred Leuchter wrote four expert reports addressing the question whether or not the Third Reich operated homicidal gas chambers. The first report on Auschwitz and Majdanek became world famous. This edition republishes all four reports, and accompanies the first one with critical notes and research updates.

Germar Rudolf (ed.), Dissecting the Holocaust. The Growing Critique of ‘Truth’ and 'Memory', 2nd., revised paperback edition  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (01/02/12)

Dissecting the Holocaust applies state-of-the-art scientific technique and classic methods of detection to investigate the alleged murder of millions of Jews by Germans during World War II. In 22 contributions of each ca. 30 pages, the 17 authors dissect generally accepted paradigms of the ‘Holocaust’. It reads as exciting as a crime novel. This is the intellectual adventure of the 21st century.

Germar Rudolf, The Rudolf Report. Expert Report on Chemical and Technical Aspects of the "Gas Chambers" of Auschwitz  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (01/02/12)

The so-called Leuchter Report about the alleged gas chambers of Auschwitz and Majdanek has been subject to massive, and partly justified, criticism. Rudolf wrote a thorough forensic study about the alleged gas chambers of Auschwitz which irons out the deficiencies and discrepancies of the Leuchter Report. The Rudolf Report is the first English edition of this sensational scientific work.

Jürgen Graf The Giant With Feet of Clay. Raul Hilberg and his Standard Work on the 'Holocaust'  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (01/02/12)

Raul Hilberg's major work The Destruction of European Jewry is generally considered the standard work on the Holocaust. Jürgen Graf applies the methods of critical analysis to Hilberg’s evidence and examines the results in the light of Revisionist historiography. The results of Graf’s critical analysis are devastating for Hilberg.

Jürgen Graf, Carlo Mattogno, Concentration Camp Stutthof and its Function in National Socialist Jewish Policy  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (06/05/12)

According to communist literature, the Stutthof camp was a ‘makeshift’ extermination camp within the framework of the so-called ‘Final Solution of the Jewish Question’ in 1944. Jürgen Graf and Carlo Mattogno have examined this view of Stutthof. Not only do the authors prove that the Stutthof camp did not serve as a ‘makeshift’ extermination camp...

Jürgen Graf, Carlo Mattogno, Concentration Camp Majdanek. A Historical and Technical Study  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (06/05/12)

Common information available on the Madjanek camp is thoroughly discredited Polish Communists propaganda. With their exhaustive study, Mattogno and Graf expertly dissect and repudiate the myth of homicidal gas chambers at Majdanek. They also investigated the legendary mass executions of Jews in tank trenches ("Operation Harvest Festival") critically and prove them groundless.

Don Heddesheimer, The First Holocaust. Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns With Holocaust Claims During And After World War One  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (06/05/12)

Supported with many publications, in particular from The New York Times, the author shows that between 1916 and the late 1920s, mainly American Jewish organizations were claiming that up to six million Jews(!) would suffer terribly in Eastern Europe and would face a holocaust if they did not receive massive aid.

Arthur R. Butz, The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, third, revised and expanded edition  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (06/05/12)

Professor A. R. Butz was the first (and so far the only) writer to treat the entire Holocaust complex from the Revisionist perspective, in a precise scientific manner. This book exhibits the overwhelming force of historical and logical arguments which Revisionism had accumulated by the middle of the 70s. This new edition comes with several supplements adding new information.

Carlo Mattogno, Jürgen Graf, Treblinka. Extermination Camp or Transit Camp?  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (06/05/12)

It is claimed that at Treblinka camp, between 700,000 and 3,000,000 Jews were murdered in 1942 and 1943. The weapons used were alleged to have been stationary and/or mobile gas chambers, poison gases of both fast acting and slow acting varieties, quicklime, superheated steam, electricity, diesel exhaust fumes... This thorough study exposes the Treblinka hoax.

Carlo Mattogno, Auschwitz: Crematorium I and the Alleged Homicidal Gassings  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (06/07/12)

The morgue of crematorium I in the Auschwitz concentration camp is said to have been the first location where mass gassings of Jews occurred over an extended period of time. This study investigates all the documentary, physical, and anecdotal evidence. Carlo Mattogno shows that this morgue always was only what it was meant to be: a morgue.

Carlo Mattogno, Auschwitz: Open Air Incinerations  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (06/07/12)

Due to a restricted capacity of the Auschwitz crematoria, hundreds of thousands of corpses of murdered victims are said to have been incinerated in fires lit in deep trenches in Auschwitz. This study investigates all the documentary, physical, and anecdotal evidence. Carlo Mattogno shows that the stories about these open air incinerations, although based on a kernel of truth, are vastly exaggerated, and their homicidal background is untrue.

Carlo Mattogno, Auschwitz: The First Gassing. Rumor and Reality  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (06/07/12)

The first gassing of human beings in Auschwitz is claimed to have occurred on Sept. 3, 1941. The accounts reporting it are the archetypes for all later gassing accounts. This study exhibits the sources about this alleged event and analyzes them critically. It shows that these sources contradict each other in every essential point, rendering it impossible to extract a consistent story. Original wartime documents inflict a final blow to the tale of the first homicidal gassing.

Carlo Mattogno, Belzec in Propaganda, Testimonies, Archeological Research, and History  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (06/07/12)

600,000, if not as many as 3 million Jews, were allegedly murdered in Belzec camp between Nov. 1941 and Dec. 1942. Various murder weapons are claimed: diesel gas chambers; quicklime in trains; high voltage; vacuum chambers. According to witnesses, the corpses were finally incinerated on huge pyres without leaving any traces... This study exposes the Belzec hoax by thoroughly examining all available evidence, including forensic drillings and excavations of the late 1990s.

Carlo Mattogno, Special Treatment in Auschwitz. Origin and Meaning of a Term  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (06/07/12)

According to official historiography, terms like "special treatment," or "special action," when occurring in German documents in the context of the "Holocaust", were camouflage words which really meant the killing of inmates.

By bringing numerous documents into their proper historical context, Carlo Mattogno shows that this interpretation is profoundly wrong...

Carlo Mattogno, The Bunkers of Auschwitz. Black Propaganda versus History  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (06/07/12)

The so-called “Bunkers” at Auschwitz are claimed to have been the first homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz specifically erected for this purpose in early 1942. With help of the files of the Auschwitz construction office, this study shows that these “Bunkers” never existed, how the rumors of these alleged gas chambers evolved as black propaganda created by resistance groups within the camp, and how this propaganda was transformed into ‘reality’ by historians.

Carlo Mattogno, The Central Construction Office of the Waffen-SS and Police Auschwitz. Organization, Responsibilities, Activities  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (07/08/12)

The Central Construction Office of Auschwitz was responsible for the planning and construction of the Auschwitz camp complex. This study sheds light into hitherto hidden aspects of this camp’s history. This pioneering study, which is based on mostly hitherto unpublished Moscow documents, is indispensable for those wishing to avoid misinterpretations of Auschwitz documents.

Carlos W. Porter, Not Guilty at Nuremberg  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (07/08/12)

Porter exposes a multitude of legal absurdities as well as glaring violations of juridical procedure of the Nuremberg Trials. He considers all the accused defendants of the tribunals as well as other significant personalities and important witnesses. On the basis of tribunal protocols, he demonstrates the crass and extralegal means used to "prove guilt" at the Nuremberg.

Ingrid Weckert, Jewish Emigration from the Third Reich  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (07/08/12)

Jewish emigration was welcomed by the German authorities of the Third Reich. It was not some kind of wild flight, but rather a lawfully determined and regulated matter. Weckert's booklet elucidates the emigration process in law and policy, thereby augmenting the traditionally received picture of Jewish emigration from Germany. The accounts of Jews fleeing Germany in secret by night across some border are untenable.

Germar Rudolf (ed.), Special Treatment in Auschwitz. Origin and Meaning of a Term.  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (07/08/12)

French pharmacist Jean-Claude Pressac was praised by mainstream Europe for his alleged refutation of the revisionists. Auschwitz: Plain Facts subjects Pressac's works to a devastating critique by leading revisionist scholars. The verdict: Pressac did not pay any attention to "the technique" of mass murder, as his books claim. In fact, he reveals such a massive technical incompetence that his works belong into the category of novels rather than history.

Germar Rudolf, Carlo Mattogno, Auschwitz Lies. Legends, Lies, and Prejudices on the Holocaust.  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (2012/0718)

What do Prof. G. Wellers, Prof. J. Markiewicz, Prof. J. Roth, Dr. R. Green, Prof. J. Zimmerman, and Prof. M. Shermer have in common? They all tried to refute the scientific findings of Holocaust revisionism -- and they all failed. This volume discusses these and more authors and exposes their attempts at refutation as a mixture of scientific bungling and fraud.

Dr. Fredrick Töben, Fight or Flight. The Personal Face of Revisionism  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (2012/0718)

On the travels, travails, trials, and tribulations of Australia's top-revisionist Dr. Fredrick Töben, Director of the Adelaide Institute. In this book he describes a multitude of encounters with many personalities of the world, from Konrad Lorenz and Werner Heisenberg to the whole range of representatives of Revisionism and their enemies. A world to be explored.

Curtis B. Dall, Franklin Delano. My Exploited Father-in-Law  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (2012/0718)

Norman G. Finkelstein, The Holocaust Industry  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (2012/0718)

Jürgen Graf, Holocaust Revisionism and its Political Consequences  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (2012/0718)

David Hoggan, The Myth of the Six Million  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (2012/0718)

David Irving, Nuremberg. The Last Battle  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (2012/0718)

Barbara Kulaszka, 'Did Six Million Really Die?'  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)  (2012/0718)


The Fairy-Tale Aspects of Anne Frank's Diary  (WWW.POLSKAWALCZACA.COM)  (2012/0720)

"The Diary of Anne Frank" is a Fraud  (HTTP://EXPOSING-THE-HOLOCAUST-HOAX-ARCHIVE.BLOGSPOT.COM)  (2013/0723)

Is The Diary of Anne Frank genuine?  (WWW.IHR.ORG)  (2013/0723)

Anne Frank may not have inked that famous diary  (WWW.FPP.CO.UK)  (2013/0723)

Ten questions on the authenticity of the diary of Anne Frank  (WWW.ANNEFRANK.ORG)  (2013/0723)

This piece is a pro-official version page.  It is interesting to note how quickly they start the name calling and avoid serious discussion of the points in contention.

The Auschwitz "Gas Chamber" Illusion  (WWW.CODOH.COM)  (2012/0810)

Auschwitz - The Final Count by Michael Collins Piper  (WWW.TAROSCOPES.COM)  (2012/1208)

Auschwitz - The Final Count by Michael Collins Piper  (HTTP://IA700206.US.ARCHIVE.ORG)

Best Witness The Mel Mermelstein Affair and the Triumph of Historical Revisionism By Michael Collins Piper  (HTTP://VHO.ORG)

DACHAU  (WWW.WHALE.TO)  (01/02/12)

Jew admits "Holocaust" is a fraud and a PSYOP  (HTTP://JOHNFRIENDSBLOG.COM)  (07/13/12)


Institute for Historical Review  (WWW.IHR.ORG)  (2012/0817)

The "Six Million" Myth  (HTTP://ZIONCRIMEFACTORY.COM)  (02/02/12)

The Great Holocaust Mystery: Reconsidering the Evidence  (HTTP://INCONVENIENTHISTORY.COM)  (2014/0901)

“Holocaust” Revisionism in 60 Seconds  (HTTP://ZAIDPUB.COM)  (2014/1117)


Milestones of Revisionism  (WWW.WHATREALLYHAPPENED.INFO)  (2015/0302)

Nicholas Kollerstrom - Breaking the Spell, The Holocaust Myth and Reality  (WWW.REDICECREATIONS.COM)  (2015/0302)

"We begin our discussion with an analysis of the real physical data that exists relating to the purported existence of huge cyanide gas chambers in Nazi concentration camps. Nick gives details of the numbers and causes of deaths at Auschwitz that were recorded daily and then published, figures that are staggeringly less than the 6 million number that has been seared into the 'official' storyline. We talk about the outbreak of typhus in 1942, the delousing chambers that were created to deal with the disease infestation, and how this ordinary hygiene technology was used in an attempt to decrease mortality rates of valuable workers in the labor camps. Nick brings light to the real purpose of the camps and how the horrific stories developed during the nightmare and confusion of war. Further, he'll explain the lack of any documents or intercepted communications indicating orders to exterminate prisoners, and the reconstruction of history that has created an undebatable transcendental mythos of death by gas chambers. Then, we'll consider the motivations for perpetuating the Holocaust myth and who has come to benefit from what was certainly the worst collective experience that European Jews have endured. Nick breaks down the holocaust narrative that is the direct result of the academic world dismissing evidence multiplied by Hollywood's mythologizing of events. Later Kollerstrom describes signs that people are beginning to wake up to the motives of the holocaust industry. We end with thoughts on sacred war ratifying myths, the persecution of truth seekers, and the need for open discussion and debate regarding one of the most important events of world history."

Was there Really a Holocaust?  (2016/0121)

Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust  (2016/0526)


What does ‘The Holocaust’ mean?  (2016/0605)


Occam’s Razor Destroys the Holocaust Industry  (2016/0720)


The "Human Skin Lampshades" and "Nazi Shrunken Heads" Psyop - "Evidence" Presented at Nuremberg  (HTTP://EXPOSING-THE-HOLOCAUST-HOAX-ARCHIVE.BLOGSPOT.COM)  (2013/0208)

The Kabalistic-Occult origins and purpose of the Holocaust™ dogma, and the 6 million number  (HTTP://EXPOSING-THE-HOLOCAUST-HOAX-ARCHIVE.BLOGSPOT.COM)  (2013/0307)

U.S. Says Holocaust Fund Was Defrauded  (WWW.NYTIMES.COM)  (2013/0510)

The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax  (2014/0306)

How the “Holocaust” was faked  (WWW.PAKALERTPRESS.COM)  (2015/0124)

Holocaust Hoax Museum  (HTTP://HOLOCAUSTHOAXMUSEUM.COM)  (2015/0124)

Holocaust Memoir Turns Out to Be Fiction  (WWW.NYTIMES.COM)  (2015/0331)

Raul Hilberg: "I am at a loss."  ()  (2015/0806)

LIES YOUR TEACHER TAUGHT YOU - (Holocaust Fake pics 1)  ()  (2016/0512)

LIES YOUR TEACHER TAUGHT YOU - (Holocaust Fake pics 2)  ()  (2016/0512)

LIES YOUR TEACHER TAUGHT YOU - (Holocaust Fake pics 3)  ()  (2016/0512)

Another “Holocaust Survivor” Hoax Exposed  (2016/0625)




Auschwitz - The Final Count by Michael Collins Piper  (2013/0215)  (mirrored page)


Combatting anti-Semitism in Europe  (WWW.ISRAELHAYOM.COM)

Robyn Urback: Tel Aviv unveils memorial to gay Holocaust victims — Another sign of social progress in Israel  (HTTP://FULLCOMMENT.NATIONALPOST.COM)

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10 Hard Facts About the Holocaust


The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax - Part 1 of 4

Presents evidence that it is impossible to asphixiate someone with diesel exhaust.


The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax - Part 2 of 4

Eyewitness testimony that Treblinka was a transit camp and not a death camp.


The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax - Part 3 of 4

Eyewitness testimony conflicts.  Effects of cyanide poisoning.


The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax - Part 4 of 4

Eyewitness testimony conflicts.  Lies about using a German submarine engine.


Holocaust faker explains himself

He knows his story is not true but it isn't a lie because in his imagination, it happened!
A prime example of Israeli logic.
(I wonder if the Islamic threat is true or just a figment of Israeli imagination?)


Iran's Ahmadinejad on the Holocaust

He asks some very interesting questions in a very calm and thoughtful manner.

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