The Pagan Cross-Of Tammuz

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The Pagan Cross-Of Tammuz

It is being taught that the Mark of the Beast is yet to come. The fact is this mark has been given, is being received, and will continue to be received in the future. Is this mark a spiritual mark? Yes. Is this mark a physical mark that can be seen? Yes. The first man that received this mark was Cain. (Gen 4:15 KJV) And the LORD said unto him, therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. And the LORD SET A MARK UPON CAIN, lest any finding him should kill him.

Cain was guilty of shedding the innocent and righteous blood of Abel his brother. All antichrists are guilty of shedding the blood of Jesus Christ when they refuse the price that he paid for the redemption of mankind. (Jude 1:11 KJV) Woe unto them! For they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core. No one is without guilt that rejects Jesus as the Messiah and savior of mankind.

Facts that have been forgotten are that for almost seventeen hundred years there was no place in the world where anyone had freedom to serve Jesus Christ freely without the fear of persecution. The freedom of religion started with the birth of America. Until the birth of America the Roman Catholic Church killed people in all other nations in the inquisitions. Anyone who would not receive baptism into the Babylon Mysteries, take the SIGN OF THE CROSS, accept the PAGAN TRINITY, and accept the Antichrist Pope (FATHER) as savior could not, buy or sell, and in many cases were offered as sacrifices of fire unto the god of the Pope, Satan. The Foxes Book Of Martyrs records these gross, despicable acts of the Roman Catholic Church.

While in Israel, March of 2000, the Pope tried to unite the religions of Cat holism, Islam, and Judaism. The Pope has repented on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church for it's unmerciful acts against Islam, against the Jews, and against the Greek Orthodox Church. No other Antichrist has killed more people than the office of the Pope. He ordained the Holocaust of Hitler and in the inquisitions killed more Jews than Hitler. Through flattery the Pope is trying once again to gain religious power over all.

There is going to be a one world ruling religious system AGAIN. Too many have forgotten that this system ruled in the past for seventeen hundred years. Everyone should be aware of this and remember their reign of terror. The Babylonian Mysteries through Cabala are uniting. This system will kill, just as the Roman Catholic Church; destroyed all that rebelled against them in the previous seventeen hundred years. This was a fact before God gave freedom to all in America. The TAU CROSS and PAGAN

TRINITY I believe will be forced upon all again. Most have and will receive it willing being deceived; it is the Trinity of Baal. The time of the woman's protection is just about over once again. (Rev 12:6 KJV) And the woman FLED INTO THE WILDERNESS, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they SHOULD FEED HER THERE A THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND THREESCORE DAYS. This time period is no 3 year period of time. This number represents and in completed time. When the time is completed persecution begins again worldwide.

Religious persecution is growing by leaps and bounds in the world right now. For the past years we have heard of much ethnic cleansing through Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Racial problems and ethnic problems are very real in the United States also. Problems of wars, natural catastrophic happenings, shootings in schools, homosexuality, adultery, rioting, sexual perversions, and the lowering morals will continue to escalate. It seems, with most, instant gratification is the motto of our time and for this generation.

Humanity always depends on men to have the answers! That is why too much faith is placed in the elected leaders of this country. In the end mankind will put his trust in another man to have the answers. Reality is that Jesus Christ is the only answer, but many will be deceived by Antichrist believing in the powers of man instead of the powers of the true Jesus, which is God almighty.

Here are the undisputable facts about the Tau Cross of the Roman Catholic Church and her Trinity harlots. Of all RELIGIOUS SYMBOLS, the CROSS STANDS out SUPREME in its DIGNITY and in its universal use according to history as a pagan symbol. It has been found on the vestments of Greek gods and goddesses, but also on the TUNIC OF ATHENA and on the BREAST OF APOLLO. Remember CONSTANTINE the GREAT was a WORSHIPPER of APOLLO, the Sun god. Constantine is the man that chose the Pagan Cross of Tammuz to represent the Roman Catholic so-called Christian Church.

The Following Information Is Taken From The Book, “The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop, Chapter V Section VI:

 Pagan Crosses

Fig. 43:

The Cruciform T or Tau of Ancient Nations

No. 1: From KITTO's Biblical Cyclopedia, vol. i. p. 495.

No. 2: From Sir W. BETHAN's Etruria, vol. i. p. 54.

No. 3: From BUNSEN, vol. i. p. 450.

Nos. 4 & 5: From STEPHEN's Central America, vol. ii. p. 344, Plate 2

 Pagan Priest

Fig. 44: Ancient Pagans adorned with Crosses

WILKINSON, vol. i. p. 376.

 Pagan Messiah

Bacchus The Babylonian Messiah

There is yet one more symbol of the Roman Catholic worship to be noticed, and that is the sign of the cross. In the Papal system as is well known, the SIGN OF THE CROSS and the IMAGE OF THE CROSS are ALL in ALL. No prayer can be said; no worship engaged in, no step almost could be taken, without the frequent use of the SIGN OF THE CROSS. The cross is looked upon as the GRAND CHARM, as the GREAT REFUGE in every SEASON OF DANGER, in every HOUR OF TEMPTATION as the INFALLIBLE PRESERVATIVE from ALL the POWERS OF DARKNESS.

The cross is ADORED with all the HOMAGE DUE ONLY TO THE MOST HIGH; and for any one to call it, in the hearing of a genuine Roman Catholic by the Scriptural term, "THE ACCURSED TREE," is a MORTAL OFFENCE. To say that such superstitious feeling for the SIGN OF THE CROSS, such worship as Rome pays to a wooden or a metal cross, ever grew out of the saying of Paul, "God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ"--that is, in the doctrine of Christ crucified--is a mere absurdity, a shallow subterfuge and pretence. The magic virtues attributed to the so-called sign of the cross, the worship bestowed on it, never came from such a source.

The same SIGN OF THE CROSS that Rome now worships was used in the BABYLONIAN MYSTERIES, was applied by Paganism to the same magic purposes, and was honored with the same honors. That which is now called the CHRISTIAN CROSS was ORIGINALLY NO CHRISTIAN EMBLEM AT ALL, but was the MYSTIC TAU of the CHALDEANS and EGYPTIANS--the true original form of the letter T--the INITIAL of the NAME OF TAMMUZ--which, in Hebrew, radically the same as ancient Chaldea, as found on coins, was formed as in No. 1 of the accompanying woodcut (Fig. 43); and in Etrurian and Coptic, as in Nos. 2 and 3. That MYSTIC TAU was MARKED in BAPTISM on the FOREHEADS OF THOSE INITIATED IN THE MYSTERIES, and was used in every variety of way as a MOST SACRED SYMBOL. The figures referred to in this paragraph are the ones used previously.

TERTULLIAN, De Proescript. Hoeret. The language of Tertullian implies that those who were INITIATED BY BAPTISM in the MYSTERIES were MARKED ON THE FOREHEAD in the SAME WAY, as HIS CHRISTIAN COUNTRYMEN in Africa, who had begun by this time to be MARKED IN BAPTISM WITH THE SIGN OF THE CROSS. To identify TAMMUZ with THE SUN it was joined sometimes to the CIRCLE OF THE SUN, as in No. 4; sometimes it was inserted in the circle, as in No. 5.

Whether the Maltese cross, which the Roman Catholic bishops append to their names as a symbol of their Episcopal dignity, is the letter T, may be doubtful; but there seems no reason to doubt that that MALTESE CROSS IS AN EXPRESS SYMBOL OF THE SUN; for Layard found it as a SACRED SYMBOL IN NINEVEH in such a connection as led him to identify it with the sun. The MYSTIC TAU, as the SYMBOL of the GREAT DIVINITY, was called "THE SIGN OF LIFE"; it was used as an amulet over the heart; it was MARKED on the OFFICIAL GARMENTS OF THE PRIESTS, as on the official garments of the PRIESTS OF ROME; it was borne by KINGS IN THEIR HAND, as a token of their DIGNITY or DIVINELY-CONFERRED AUTHORITY. The VESTAL VIRGINS of PAGAN ROME wore it SUSPENDED FROM THEIR NECKLACES, as the NUNS DO NOW. The EGYPTIANS DID THE SAME, and many of the barbarous nations with whom they had intercourse, as the Egyptian monuments bear witness had the same pagan practices. In reference to the adorning of some of these tribes, Wilkinson thus writes: "The girdle was sometimes highly ornamented; men as well as women wore earrings; and they frequently had a SMALL CROSS suspended to a NECKLACE, or to the COLLAR OF THEIR DRESS.

The adoption of this last was not peculiar to them; it was also appended to, or figured upon, the robes of the Rot-n-no; and traces of it may be seen in the fancy ornaments of the Rebo, showing that it was ALREADY IN USE as EARLY as the FIFTEENTH CENTURY before the Christian era." (Fig. 44). There is hardly any Pagan tribe where the CROSS-HAS NOT BEEN FOUND. The PAGAN CELTS WORSHIPED THE CROSS LONG BEFORE THE INCARNATION and DEATH OF CHRIST. "It is a fact," says Maurice, "not less remarkable than well-attested, that the DRUIDS in their groves were accustomed to select the most stately and beautiful tree as an emblem of the Deity they adored, and having cut the side branches, they affixed two of the largest of them to the highest part of the trunk, in such a manner that those branches extended on each side like the arms of a man, and, together with the body, presented the appearance of a HUGE CROSS, and on the bark, in several places, was also inscribed the letter TAU."

The CROSS was WORSHIPPED in MEXICO for ages before the Roman Catholic missionaries set foot there; LARGE STONE CROSSES BEING ERECTED, probably to the "god of rain." The cross thus widely worshipped, or regarded as a sacred emblem, was the unequivocal SYMBOL OF BACCHUS, the BABYLONIAN MESSIAH, for he was represented with a head-band covered with crosses (See Fig. 45). This SYMBOL of the BABYLONIAN GOD is reverenced at this day in all the wide wastes of Tartary, where BUDDHISM PREVAILS, and the way in which it is REPRESENTED AMONG THEM FORMS a STRIKING COMMENTARY on the language applied by ROME TO THE CROSS. "THE CROSS," says Colonel Wilford, in the Asiatic Researches, "though not an object of worship among the Baud' has or Buddhists, is a FAVORITE EMBLEM and device among them. It is EXACTLY THE CROSS OF THE MANICHEANS, with LEAVES and FLOWERS SPRINGING FROM IT. This cross, putting forth leaves and flowers (and FRUIT also, as I am told), is called THE DIVINE TREE, the TREE OF THE GODS, the TREE OF LIFE and KNOWLEDGE, and PRODUCTIVE of whatever is GOOD and DESIRABLE, and is placed in the TERRESTRIAL PARADISE." (Fig. 46) This figure is the last figure that is shown at the end of this article.

Compare this with the language of Rome applied to the cross, and it will be seen how exact is the coincidence. In the OFFICE OF THE CROSS, it is called the "TREE OF LIFE," and the worshippers are taught thus to address it: "HAIL, O CROSS, triumphal wood, TRUE SALVATION of the world, among trees there is NONE LIKE THEE in leaf, flower, and bud...O CROSS, OUR ONLY HOPE, increase righteousness to the godly and pardon the offences of the guilty." The above was actually versified by the Romanisers in the Church of England, and published along with much besides from the same source, some years ago, in a volume entitled Devotions on the Passion. The London Record, of April, 1842, gave the following as a specimen of the "Devotions" provided by these "wolves in sheep's clothing" for members of the Church of England: --

"O faithful cross, thou peerless tree, No forest yields the like of thee, Leaf, flower, and bud; Sweet is the wood, and sweet the weight, And sweet the nails that penetrate Thee, thou sweet wood."

Can any one, reading the gospel narrative of the crucifixion, possibly believe that narrative of itself could ever germinate into such extravagance of "LEAF, FLOWER, and BUD," as thus APPEARS in this ROMAN OFFICE? But when it is considered that the BUDDHIST, like the BABYLONIAN CROSS, was the RECOGNIZED EMBLEM of TAMMUZ, who was known as the MISTLETOE BRANCH, or "ALL-HEAL," then it is easy to see how the sacred Initial should be represented as covered with leaves, and how Rome, in adopting it, should call it the "MEDICINE WHICH PRESERVES THE HEALTHFUL, HEALS THE SICK, and DOES WHAT MERE HUMAN POWER ALONE COULD NEVER DO."

Now, this PAGAN SYMBOL seems first to have crept into the CHRISTIAN CHURCH in EGYPT, and generally INTO AFRICA. A statement of Tertullian, about the middle of the third century, shows how much, by that time, the Church of Carthage was INFECTED with the OLD LEAVEN. Egypt especially, which was never thoroughly evangelized, appears to have taken the lead in BRINGING IN THIS PAGAN SYMBOL. The first form of that which is CALLED THE CHRISTIAN CROSS, found on CHRISTIAN MONUMENTS there, is the UNEQUIVOCAL THE PAGAN TAU, or EGYPTIAN "SIGN OF LIFE." Let the reader peruse the following statement of Sir G. Wilkinson: "A still more curious fact may be mentioned respecting this hieroglyphically character [THE TAU], that the early Christians of Egypt ADOPTED IT IN LIEU of the CROSS, which was afterwards substituted for it, prefixing it to inscriptions in the same manner as the cross in later times. For, though Dr. Young had some scruples in believing the statement of Sir A. Edmonstone, that it holds that position in the SEPULCHERS of the GREAT OASIS, I can attest that such is the case, and that numerous inscriptions, headed by the TAU, are preserved to the present day on early CHRISTIAN MONUMENTS." The drift of this statement is evidently this, that IN EGYPT THE EARLIEST FORM of that which has since been CALLED THE CROSS, was NO OTHER than the "CRUX ANSATA," or "SIGN OF LIFE," BORNE BY OSIRIS and ALL THE EGYPTIAN GODS; that the ANSA or "HANDLE" was afterwards dispensed with, and that it became the SIMPLE TAU, or ORDINARY CROSS, as it appears at this day, and that the design of its first employment on the sepulchers, therefore, could have no reference to the crucifixion of the Nazarene, but was simply the result of the attachment to old and long-cherished Pagan symbols, which is always strong in those who, with the adoption of the Christian name and profession, are still, to a large extent, PAGAN IN HEART AND FEELING. This, and this only, is the ORIGIN OF THE WORSHIP OF THE "CROSS."

 More Pagan Crosses

Various Examples of Pagan Crosses

My closing comments are facts that cannot be denied.

1. Tau crosses adorn the temples of most church buildings in America.

2. For almost seventeen hundred years everyone who refused to be baptized into the Babylonian Mysteries of Tammuz by the Roman Catholic Church were burned on crosses, placed on the rack, and had their properties confiscated.

3. There are sacraments that are given by the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church claims a sacrament is an outward sign instituted by Christ to give grace. There are seven sacraments: Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Eucharist, Penance, Anointing of the Sick, Holy Orders, and Matrimony. Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Orders can be received only once because they IMPRINT on the SOUL a SPIRITUAL MARK, called a CHARACTER, which LASTS FOREVER. When someone is confirmed the bishop anointing the person says "I SIGN you with the SIGN of the CROSS and I confirm you with the CHRISM of salvation, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit". At this time the Catholic convert receives the Mark of the Pagan Trinity, which is the mark of Satan, the beast.

4. The ANOINTING of the FOREHEAD with chrism in the form of a cross signifies that the Catholic who is confirmed must always be ready to profess his faith openly and to practice it fearlessly. The bishop gives the person he confirms a slight blow on the cheek to remind him that he must be ready to suffer everything, even death, for the sake of Christ. The Character of Confirmation is a SPIRITUAL and INDELIBLE SIGN, which MARKS the Christian as a soldier in the army of Christ. In actuality the person that is confirmed joins the army of the Antichrist

There is no doubt that the Pope had everyone persecuted or killed that would not receive this Cross of Tammuz. These persecutions took place for approximately seventeen hundred years. The Papal inquisitions were a horrible time where no one in the world was safe from his tyranny.

There is hope for all in Jesus Christ. When one is baptized into the name of Jesus Christ all of the ways of the Antichrist and the old man is washed away. The ways of Cain, Balaam, and Core are done away with. The mark and name of the beast is removed and we take on the name of our husband, Jesus Christ!

All religions that are of this world are in the image that Daniel saw destroyed. The Trinity is the greatest apostasy that has ever been conceived to try and change the true Christian doctrine. This doctrine is plainly symbolized by the Tau Cross of Tammuz.


The cross, as a basic design motif, appears in the POTTERY, WEAVING, CARVINGS and PAINTINGS of MANY CULTURES. It may be simply decorative, or it may have symbolic meaning. The TAU CROSS, for example, was a SYMBOL OF LIFE to the ancient Egyptians; when combined WITH THE CIRCLE (as in the crux Ansata), it stood for eternity (see Egyptian Art and Architecture). For most ancient peoples the GREEK CROSS was a metaphor for the four indestructible elements of creation (AIR, EARTH, FIRE, and WATER), thus symbolizing permanence. The swastika, with the ends of its crossbars bent to the right, was common in both the Old World and the New World. It originally represented the REVOLVING SUN, FIRE, or LIFE and later, by extension, GOOD LUCK. To BUDDHISTS, a swastika represented resignation; to the Jains, it symbolized their SEVENTH SAINT. To HINDUS, a swastika with arms bent to the left symbolized NIGHT, MAGIC, and the DESTRUCTIVE GODDESS KALI. In mid-20th-century Germany, the RIGHT-FACING SWASTIKA was the NAZI party emblem (see Buddhism; Jainism; Hinduism; National Socialism). The worshipping of fire, water, air and the natural elements are nothing more than Cabbala. Cabbala never started with the Jews, but they adopted it through the Babylonian Mysteries.

All carnal minds think that they have the tree of life, or wheel of life. They believe that they can return to the garden of God through these pagan religions. The Roman Catholics think that they have the eternal city and the paradise of God, which is Vatican City.

The Buddhist believes that they have the wheel of life and the tree of life. You will find this tree or cross in all religions that are in the image that Daniel stated were the kingdoms of this world. These nations are under bondage trying to mix the law of God with their righteousness. These religions claim to search for morality and wisdom.

Wheel of Life

 Buddhist Wheel Of Life

The Wheel of Life, also known as the Wheel of Law, depicts the cyclical nature of life according to Buddhism. In this wall painting, the artist shows the animal, which represents death holding the wheel. The three cardinal sins, depicted in symbolic form, make up the center of the wheel. The cock symbolizes passion, the pig stupidity, and the snake hatred. Surrounding the sins are those who fall prey to bad karma on the right, and those with good karma on the left. The six spheres of existence make up the next circle. The Wheel, like the Buddha's search for truth, culminates in the outermost circle, which depicts the 12 links in the chain of causation.

False religions trust in their own knowledge and are the tree of good and evil eating from their own carnal minds. They believe themselves too be equal with God trying to create their own tree of life, wheel of life, and garden of paradise. Their carnal tree of life is really the cross of Tammuz, which is an accursed tree or cross of death.

The true Christian cross that we bear, the suffering of Christ Jesus, is not a physical cross but a spiritual cross. Jesus Christ is truly the tree of life and we lift him up. (2 Tim 2:12 KJV) If WE SUFFER, we shall ALSO REIGN WITH HIM: if we deny him, he also will deny us: