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The purpose of this page is to document references to the Six Pointed Star also known as the Star of David, a hexagram, Magen David (Hebrew), Mogan David (Yiddish), the Shield of David, the Seal of Solomon and Solomon's Seal.


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Papal Miter


26 "But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, the star of your god, which ye made to yourselves."  (KJV)

43 "Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon."  (KJV)

My critique of Pastor Mark Biltz's THE STAR OF DAVID

After reading the untitled PDF file produced by Pastor Mark Biltz with regards to the Star of David, I felt compelled to respond.  I realize that, according to Pastor Biltz, this makes me a 'Star of David basher' and likely a white supremacist and or conspiracy minded but I'll just have to take that chance.  At least I am confident that I am NOT 'dancing with the devil' as it appears that 'Star of David worshippers' are.  Since Pastor Biltz does not does not present an analytical, logical argument to support his position, I felt it would be easier to simply discuss his views paragraph by paragraph.

Page 1 Paragraph 1:

Pastor Biltz starts off stating his viewpoint as a statement of fact before offering one scintilla of evidence or proof.  Next Pastor Biltz uses derogatory names towards anyone who disagrees with his perspective.  After stating his plans NOT to answer any emails from people he labels 'Star of David bashers', he presents his thoughts for the reader to consider.  I found it a bit amusing to see him play the 'anti-Semitism trump card' before the second paragraph much less the second page.

Page 1 Paragraph 2:

Pastor Biltz uses the sympathy angle for the Jewish people and claims to speak for Jewish people everywhere.  Pastor Biltz states his interpretation as fact without any evidence to support his claim.  Scripturally speaking, the Hebrew people have never "come to the realization that (their) only hope was to place (their) trust in God."  Rather they are repeatedly described as stubborn and stiff-necked and constantly prone to backsliding into profane worship and practices.

How this applies to Jewish people is unclear as the meaning of Jewish is unclear.  Some would claim that it applies to all Hebrews and some would claim that it only applies to the tribe of Judah or House of Judah.  None of these definitions are accurate as, according to the Jews, the 10 Northern Tribes have lost their identity but according to Scripture, ALL 12 tribes will be united when the Messiah sets up HIS kingdom on earth during HIS millennial reign.  

The only definition for Jewish that seems applicable is "those people who practice Judaism".  While many use the word to describe a people, the fact is it does not have a purely (or primarily) genetic association at all.  Anyone can perform the rituals to convert to Judaism and become Jewish.  Since Judaism as a religion is known to place the oral traditions of man and the words of their rabbis ABOVE the word of YHWH, then it stands to reason it is NOT the same teaching handed down from our Heavenly Father or HIS Messiah.  Near as I can tell, Judaism as a religion is a post Babylonian term and concept.

Page 1 Paragraph 3:

Pastor Biltz states a moot point.  I am unaware of ANY reference to the name "Magen David" or "Shield of David" in the written Scriptures of YHWH.

Page 1 Paragraph 4:

Pastor Biltz cites a scripture verse in an effort to associate it with his previous moot point.

Page 1 Paragraph 5:

Pastor Biltz states his first verifiable fact.

Page 1 Paragraph 6:

Pastor Biltz cites a scripture verse.

Page 2 Paragraph 1:

In this paragraph Pastor Biltz takes liberties with his interpretations.  He makes the connection between the words shield, defense and the Hebrew word Magen, and then inserts the word David without any evidence to support the connection.  He then compounds this error by claiming the phrase Magen David is the same as Star of David without any evidence to support that claim.  Further, he again claims the authority to speak for an entire class of people and then plays the self-righteous card.  If modern Israel trusts in YHWH, why are there so many Masonic buildings and monuments in their culture?

For example:

Sinister Sites - Israel Supreme Court  (HTTP://VIGILANTCITIZEN.COM)


Rothschild Boulevard  (HTTP://EN.WIKIPEDIA)

Rothschild Boulevard  (WWW.BOOKINGISRAEL.COM)

The last time I checked, the Masonic order recognizes Lucifer as the head of their organization.  According to Scripture, YHWH's people are to destroy all such abominations when they enter or return to the land. (Exodus 34:13, Deuteronomy 7:5, Deuteronomy 12:3, Ezekiel 11:18)  We should not forget that idolatry is the primary reason Almighty God exiled both houses of Israel from the land.

Page 2 Paragraph 2:

Pastor Biltz states his interpretation as fact without any evidence to back it up.  The point of contention the Pastor Biltz has failed to address up to now is whether King David ever used the six-pointed star associated with the Israeli government and Jewish people today.

Page 2 Paragraph 3:

Pastor Biltz cites an article about a flower called the Persian Buttercup (Ranunculus asiaticus) but fails to provide the source for verification.  While he calls it a native flower in Israel, it is also a native flower from Crete to Southeast Asia.  In fact, since Persia is today called Iran, you could more accurately call it the Iranian Buttercup.  I suspect that name change would not be too popular in the Holy Land.  It is interesting to note however, that a plant he refers to as 'the ultimate survivor' is a protected plant in Israel (  The article goes on to talk about the functions of the plant which sound pretty much the same as any other plant growing in that climate.  He does display an interesting photo of the alleged cellular structure of the plant but without references, this is difficult verify.

Page 3 Paragraph 1:

For some reason, Pastor Biltz merges two different topics into one paragraph so it is a bit confusing at this point.  To conclude his last topic, he makes the statement, "This is God’s design so don’t call it pagan." Anyone familiar with sacred geometry, crystalline structure, cellular or subatomic shapes knows this particular one is not unique.  All things were designed by the Creator of the Universe and that includes the pagan/satanic ones.  The Pentagram also appears in nature.  Using Pastor Biltz's logic, are we to conclude that it is also a non-pagan symbol?  The 2nd commandment instructs us about NOT making our own images of the things from creation to worship.  

Page 3 Paragraph 2:

Pastor Biltz tries to associate the letter dalet which is used twice in King David's name with the six sided star.  Once again, since he has not shown that King David ever used the six-pointed star, his interpretation seems to be no more than myth and legend.  He continues by making the false claim that the Star of David is made up of 12 equal triangles but this is only true if they are drawn in.  The Star of David as popularized in myth and used by Jewish people is seldom drawn with triangles in the middle.  Since the 12 faces of the Hexagram are also frequently associated with the 12 signs of the Zodiac, it begs the question as to which came first, the association with the Zodiac or the association with the 12 tribes?

Page 3 Paragraph 3:

In paragraph 3, Pastor Biltz references a link where an alleged "doctor in linguistics" shows how the "star" in Acts 7 does not refer to the Star of David.  However, his source also makes the claim that "...the star of David as a Jewish national symbol is a fairly recent invention (not much older than the USA), and there is, as far as I know, nothing in the archaeological artifacts or texts from the days of ancient Israel to suggest that the six-pointed star symbol was even in existence prior to the modern era (let alone being an important ancient symbol)."  This seems to make the point that the so called Star of David has nothing to do with David or the ancient Hebrew beliefs at all.

Page 3 Paragraph 4:

In paragraph 4, Pastor Biltz references a link where "...all the Hebrew letters in the language of God is hidden in the star of David:"  While this seems interesting, the fact is the letters referenced are the modern (post Babylonian) Hebrew letters and not the ancient Semitic Hebrew used in the days of King David.

Page 3 Paragraph 5:

Pastor Biltz references Matthew 2:2 and uses that to make the claim that the Star of David is Messiah's Star in paragraph 6.  Once again he makes a totally unsubstantiated and unjustified statement.

Page 4 Paragraph 1:

Pastor Biltz references Revelation 22:16 to insinuate that the bright and morning star is the Star of David.  The last time I checked, the morning star is the sun which bears little resemblance to a hexagram.

Page 4 Paragraph 2:

Finally, Pastor Biltz acknowledges that he is aware that Satan is a copycat and that haSatan's star is the pentagram.  Pastor Biltz claims that Satan, "...hates the Star of David and is the one leading the charge against it!"  Unfortunately Pastor Biltz does not provide any proof to back up this claim.  How does he know that the hexagram (6-pointed star) isn't a copycat symbol of haSatan?  Many people are aware that the root of the black arts word hex is the same root as Hexagram (the 6-pointed star).  Why do Jewish people feel they need a symbol in the first place?

Pastor Biltz never explains the origin of this symbol nor when exactly it became associated with people practicing Judaism.  In order to have a copycat, you must first have an original. So, which came first, the Hexagram as a Luciferian/pagan/Satanic symbol or the Star of David as a Jewish symbol?

Pastor Biltz fails to mention the very tight association between this symbol and the Rothschild family which own considerable real estate in the Holy Land and have a noticeable amount of influence on modern Israeli architecture.

The Jews have a history of turning away from YHWH and towards pagan worship and idolatry.  This paper seems to be a text book example of where the traditions of man are elevated above the commandments of the Creator of the Universe.  All in all, I found this work to be a disappointment from a man I have considerable respect for. While full of rhetorical technique such as 'arguing from the point of righteousness', it contains very little substance and/or verifiable fact.  People are no longer content to blindly follow religious dogma, they are seeking the truth.  The 'eminence front' put forth by religion is no longer enough to placate the masses.  We know that deceit and deception are the trademarks of the deceiver just as truth and honesty are some characteristics of our Heavenly Father.

"And if it seems evil in your eyes to serve YHWH, choose for yourselves this day whom you are going to serve, whether the mighty ones which your fathers served that were beyond the River, or the mighty ones of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell.  But I and my house, we serve YHWH." - Jeremiah/Yahusha 24-15

Obey the Messiah, "seek the truth".


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