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The purpose of this page is to collect information about the religion of Islam.

Qur'an - literally meaning "the recitation", is the central religious text of Islam, which Muslims believe to be a revelation from God.  Quranic chapters are called suras and verses are called ayahs.

Quran  (HTTPS://EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG)  (2014/1116)

Hadith - in Muslim religious use is often translated as prophetic 'traditions', meaning the corpus of the reports of the teachings, deeds and sayings of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The hadith literature was compiled from oral reports that were in circulation in society around the time of their compilation long after the death of Muhammad. Bukhari's collection is considered the most reliable by many traditional religious scholars who are Sunnis. The Shi'as believe in an entirely separate body of Hadith.

Hadith  (HTTPS://EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG)  (2014/1116)

Tafsir - is the Arabic word for exegesis, usually of the Qur'an.  In Islamic contexts, it is defined as understanding and uncovering the Will of Allah which has been conveyed by the Qur'anic text, by means of the Arabic language and one’s own knowledge.

Tafsir  (HTTPS://EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG)  (2014/1116)

Surah (also spelled Surat, Sura) - is a chapter of the Qur'an. There are 114 chapters of the Qur'an, each divided into verses.

Surah  (HTTPS://EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG)  (2014/1217)



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What is the meaning of Jihad? - Dr Zakir Naik




The Noble Qu'ran

The Koran  (WWW2.HN.PSU.EDU)  (2015/0225)

The Holy Qur'an  (WWW.ALISLAM.ORG)  (2015/0225)

The Noble Qur'an in the English Language  (WWW.MUSILY.USI.CH)  (2015/0225)


The Vatican and Islam  (08/09/2009)  (mirrored PDF file)

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Historical Role of Islam: An Essay on Islamic Culture  (2012/1213)

Al-Hudaibiyah Treaty (Dhul Qa‘dah 6 A.H.)  (2013/0201)

al-Fath (Victory, Conquest)  (2013/0201)

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So, what did the Muslims do for the Jews?  (2014/0428)

This article sure paints a picture different than you hear from most people.  An interesting perspective.

The Oath of the Prophet Mohammed to the Followers of the Nazarene  (2015/0114)

Letter to all Christians from Prophet Muhammad (sa)  (2015/1120)

This certainly does not paint the same picture of Islam that the, Jewish controlled, main stream media would have you believe.  However, it is an oath of historical record.

The Assassins  (WWW.TERRORISM-ILLUMINATI.COM)  (2015/0302)

A historical look at the perversion of the Islamic religion.